Change. 8.21.08

There are forces at work these days that i don't understand. Major shifts from what used to be intolerable to a new patient waiting, fresh eyes, renewed hope. A new 360. Is it dumb luck? Or have i finally stumbled into a place where i belong?
I'm not talking geographically. nonono.

The things that i used to obsess over have dissolved. Old troubles hardly cross my mind. I can't imagine that it used to consume so much of my thoughts.

I have no dillusions about the dangerous waters in which i tread. There is a dangerous undertow; it could take my life at any moment. But i'm not so scared anymore and i'm no diving directly into the current either (i have moderately self-destructive relationship habits).

I was quiet. I wanted to hear you as best i could. Didn't want to miss a word, a sound. So i just listened and pretended that i was watching you talk. I love to watch people talk... and so begins a story with an unwritten ending.

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