My New Muse

It has been forever since i posted. So here we go, in code.

The Empress
The Empress is in tune with Nature and symbolizes the ability to connect with the planet. Nurturing and caring, she is often thought to represent birth itself. Not necessarily the birth of a child, but perhaps the birth of a new project or business venture. Although she appreciates the simple things in life, she is not afraid to let loose and enjoy abundance.

This is the tarot card i got for the day. Very good, very illustrative of my current mood, which is calm, in control and standing on the brink of the best leap of my life. There is opportunity beyond my wildest hopes and dreams, visiting me regularly. This is what i have been holding out for. This is the reason i did not settle. This is the reason i've pushed through for better, for more. This is not one kind of opportunity, this is a new door to a new world. I suddenly have no doubts about how the universe will align to open the door wide enough for me to come through it.

I have grown quiet. Which is a contrast to the younger version of myself, seeking to define, control and mold the world into something that i could understand. In doing this, the "world" was taken out of it's context, subtitles lost, beauty gone. Like when you take a child (one of the most beautiful things on earth) and place that child on display, away from the world, to analyze. Would you not learn so much more about said child if you observe the way they play outside, the way they love their parents, etc? This is what i learned in graduate school. 50% of the beauty of anything is derived from it's context. Maybe that's why i am so interested in installation art work. The artist has the opportunity to create that context and enhance their message. How amazing it is to be able to create a whole world with your vision and hands?

I observe, i listen, i make, i play, i love, i purge, i struggle, i resolve, i do it all again.

I'm feeling very inspired today. It's funny how certain people can teach you things about yourself with out even meaning to. I'm fiercely confident and calm today. I can't wholey understand the source. But i want more beauty. I want more of my hands moving over paper, more observing the world with my new company, more sharing, more collaborating, more musing. It's already underway.