I am two timing... not ashamed

I am about to phase this blog out. I just don't like the look of it and the controls, so, please visit my new blog http://nikitrulyand4evr.tumblr.com/.

Hope you'll visit me there soon!


Two New Exhibititions in 2010, ALREADY!

I'm serious: I'll post information about the 2nd one (curated by, i presume, Lee Hansley, and will be at his gallery in down town Raleigh, but details have been vauge) as soon as i possibly can, but if your in KINSTON, NC (cuz everyone loves that place) I'm part of a group exhibtion of bookplates. Ex Libris is the brain child of Charles P. Brooks, the man is sort of an enigma, and he seems to cast his will on the universe and low and behold we all make it happen. So bookplates. Press release goes as follows:

January 6 - March 2, 2010
Opening Reception on January 28, 2010

Kinston Community Council for the Arts
Hours of Operation Tuesday - Friday: 10:00am - 6:00pm Saturday: 10:00am - 2:00pm Closed Monday
Community Council for the Arts • 400 North Queen Street • Kinston, NC 28501
Phone: 252-527-2517 • Fax: 252-527-8280

Debuting at the Kinston Arts Center in North Carolina during January 2009, this collaborative exhibition of designs for contemporary bookplates is a stunning example of the range of styles and techniques being used today in the graphic arts; including photography drawing, and etching.

Included in the exhibit are works by: Charles Philip Brooks (Artist in Residence, Imperial Centre for the Arts and Sciences), Niki Litts, Sarah Faris (VCU Faculty), Sterling Hundley (VCU Faculty), Nicole Gomez (VCU Faculty), Jorge Benitez (VCU Faculty), Megan Foldenauer (VCU Faculty), Matthew Collins (Charles H. Cecil Studio, Florence, Italy), Julie Frost, Allison Overton (Artspace Raleigh), Evan Farrow, Tim Phelps (Johns Hopkins University) and Monica Ae.

This exhibition will be on view January 6 - March 2, 2010. There will be a free opening reception at the arts center on January 28, 2010.

For additional information on this exhibition, please contact Charles Philip Brooks at Tel. (919) 417-1356 or Nancy Gilmore, Director of Education and Exhibits, Tel. (252) 527-2517.


Announcing Two Exhibits for me in June 2009

Announcing two exhibitions for the month of June
featuring Niki Litts
Raleigh, NC

The Cultural Arts Center in Holly Springs will host a solo exhibition for Niki during the month of June. A small reception will be held in the artist honor. Date & Time TBA. The Cultural Arts Center is located at 300 W Ballentine St., in Holly Springs, NC.

In addition, the United Arts Council in downtown Raleigh will host a two person show featuring Litts along with 3-D artist Allison Coleman. An opening reception will be held on Friday, June 5th from 6- 9 PM. The exhibit will be on display from June 5- July 30, 2009. The United Arts Council Space is located at 110 S. Blount Street in Raleigh. This exhibit is part of the Community Exchange Exhibition program curated and facilitated by the Visual Art Exchange.

For further information:
Holly Springs Cultural Arts Center

United Arts Council of Raleigh & Wake Co.

Visual Art Exchange

Niki Litts


Goodbye, Eastern North Carolina.

It is 18 minutes to 6. I am counting down my minutes here. Sun kissed East Coast skin says goodbye, goodbye. Flat open fields, skies for miles and miles. It never sounds bad when i describe you geographically. Aesthetically, I love you in cotton, i love you in tobacco, I love you sun scorched and burning in the heat of July. Sometimes i even love your friends, in spite of themselves. I don't care what they do at night, I don't care which side of the fence they rest on, as long as a smile rests on me and mine.

You may love me, and i may love you, but your wide open expressions never made me feel at home. I loved you the way i love to eat cake, just a little taste, too much is a waste. Your wide open expressions are dramatic and make me feel i am the center of all things, but when i am drunk with the illusion, you're sending your devils to steal away my happiness.

The truth is that you are no good for me. We could never see eye to eye. You will always be able to sweep me up dramatically, believably, but you'll never capture the best of what i have to give, no, that sort of thing can not be conned out of a lover, a friend or any other.

I am taking my best and leaving you. Please, don't call, don't write. I won't ever be back for you. My love in the city is waiting. I won't make him wait anymore.


Things Change Things get better

I woke up this morning to gentle snoring (i really wasn't planning on rhyming today, but i'll just go with it)

While snoring is normally a bad annoying thing, I welcome the sound b/c it is far better than waking to the cold silence of a house that doens't love you back. And it is a reminder of the warm generous soul who is sleeping next to me. I'm not sure how, but i have everything i have ever needed and what's more everything i ever wanted. I never imagined that i would ever receive such an enormous gift.


My New Muse

It has been forever since i posted. So here we go, in code.

The Empress
The Empress is in tune with Nature and symbolizes the ability to connect with the planet. Nurturing and caring, she is often thought to represent birth itself. Not necessarily the birth of a child, but perhaps the birth of a new project or business venture. Although she appreciates the simple things in life, she is not afraid to let loose and enjoy abundance.

This is the tarot card i got for the day. Very good, very illustrative of my current mood, which is calm, in control and standing on the brink of the best leap of my life. There is opportunity beyond my wildest hopes and dreams, visiting me regularly. This is what i have been holding out for. This is the reason i did not settle. This is the reason i've pushed through for better, for more. This is not one kind of opportunity, this is a new door to a new world. I suddenly have no doubts about how the universe will align to open the door wide enough for me to come through it.

I have grown quiet. Which is a contrast to the younger version of myself, seeking to define, control and mold the world into something that i could understand. In doing this, the "world" was taken out of it's context, subtitles lost, beauty gone. Like when you take a child (one of the most beautiful things on earth) and place that child on display, away from the world, to analyze. Would you not learn so much more about said child if you observe the way they play outside, the way they love their parents, etc? This is what i learned in graduate school. 50% of the beauty of anything is derived from it's context. Maybe that's why i am so interested in installation art work. The artist has the opportunity to create that context and enhance their message. How amazing it is to be able to create a whole world with your vision and hands?

I observe, i listen, i make, i play, i love, i purge, i struggle, i resolve, i do it all again.

I'm feeling very inspired today. It's funny how certain people can teach you things about yourself with out even meaning to. I'm fiercely confident and calm today. I can't wholey understand the source. But i want more beauty. I want more of my hands moving over paper, more observing the world with my new company, more sharing, more collaborating, more musing. It's already underway.


Change. 8.21.08

There are forces at work these days that i don't understand. Major shifts from what used to be intolerable to a new patient waiting, fresh eyes, renewed hope. A new 360. Is it dumb luck? Or have i finally stumbled into a place where i belong?
I'm not talking geographically. nonono.

The things that i used to obsess over have dissolved. Old troubles hardly cross my mind. I can't imagine that it used to consume so much of my thoughts.

I have no dillusions about the dangerous waters in which i tread. There is a dangerous undertow; it could take my life at any moment. But i'm not so scared anymore and i'm no diving directly into the current either (i have moderately self-destructive relationship habits).

I was quiet. I wanted to hear you as best i could. Didn't want to miss a word, a sound. So i just listened and pretended that i was watching you talk. I love to watch people talk... and so begins a story with an unwritten ending.